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Scripture is an organic whole

The Principle of First Mention
The principle of first mention is the idea that if we to go to that part of the Scriptures where a word or concept is mentioned for the first time and study that first occurrence we can gain insight into the idea that God is presenting to humanity through the scriptures.

Historical and Grammatical
What do we need to be aware of culturally that affects this story?
What do we need to be aware of grammatically that affects this passage?
The aim of the historical-grammatical questions is to discover the meaning of the passage as the original author would have intended, and as the original audience would have understood it. A verse out of context can often be taken to mean something completely different from the original intention. These questions will help focus us on the importance of looking at the context of a verse in its chapter, book and Missio Dei (the mission of God).

Missio DeiMissio Dei literally means “Mission of God.” Beyond its literal meaning, however, is a concept that is a theological cornerstone in the formation of our understanding of the essence of the story of God and humanity. Missio Dei is the overarching narrative that affirms God’s intention to speak into existence a Creation, and the formation of a radical relationship with humanity. When that relationship was fractured, this mission was dedicated to the reconciliation of that creation.
Reconciliation is focused on the whole of creation; WHATEVER needs reconciling. Jesus came to seek and to save WHATEVER was lost - its more than just the individual person that needs reconciling. WHATEVER society was alienated, WHATEVER culture was broken must be reconciled. God's character demands nothing less. His desire is to bring all creation back under His care. God's mission is holy holistic, that is all encompassing. It is intended to impact every area of life on this planet - economic, political, environmental, social.