Friday, July 25, 2008


In the beginning
Trinity = egg
Adam was the first human Made in Gods image
Adam needs a companion
Eden was huge
God made Adam name all of the animals
God gave Adam Eve
The betrayal
Flood - Warning signs?
Devinne chemo
Noah had it made a fresh start
The great building project
Tower = oppression and slavery
Its not that they were a threat to God, They were a threat to themselves.
Abram and Sari
Go walk
“I will make out of you a great people”... Blessed to be a blessing
The people cried out, and God heard their cry.
God calls this guy moses who is a murder and a fugitive...
God tells him to stand up to Pharaoh and be like “A God” to Pharaoh.
After an extended struggle in which God humbles the worlds supper power (Egypt) Pharaoh lets Moses lead the slaves and refugees out of Egypt.
In the desert God says I have something for you to do, or more like someone for you to be.
A kingdom of priests...
A priest mediates the Devinne to people.
So God is calling these people to all be a message to the world.
Then God places them in what will be one of the most traveled trade routs in the world.
King David has a son named Solomon.
Solomon was a wise king.
But he forgot his peoples story
He forgot the dream/mission God had given them.
Solomon used slave labor to build his empire (palaces, gardens, fortresses, temple)
He imported AND exported weapons (God had forbidden this back in the desert)
He built military bases in places like Megetto ( in English Armageddon)
He collected great wealth (666 tons)
God HAS to stop this insanity... His Message is not getting through to the world.
What does it say about God when these people did these things in his name?
But God is patient
God warned them again and again and again
Then when “there was no remedy
People carried away into slavery
The “great” buildings were destroyed
The “great” wealth taken away
By the rivers of Babylon
The prophets tell of a liberating King who will come to rescue the people, and set them free.
Ezra experience
The people return their land with a decree from the emperor to rebuild their city and temple.
But as always they grew to be judgemental and arrogant once again...
scriptures have a very direct massage
God always hears the cry of the oppressed
God cares about human suffering and the conditions that cause it
God is searching for a body, a Kingdom of priests, a community of people to care for the things God cares about.
God gives power and blessing so that justice will be upheld for those who are on the underside of power.
That is what God is like
That is what God cares about
This is who God is
To forget this to fail to hear the cry, to preserve prosperity at the expense of the powerless, is to miss what God had in mind.
Humans have always misconstrued God's blessing as favoritism and Entitlement.
They become indifferent to God and their priestly mission, to bring liberty and freedom., restoration and healing, to others.
So God has to come down here and rescue us from ourselves

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